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Finding an Online Radiology Technology Program |

Finding an Online Radiology Technology Program

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Finding an Online Radiology Technology Program

If you’re thinking seriously about pursuing a career in radiology, then you’re far from alone. Radiology technology is one of the fastest growing career options out there today and it’s only expected to become more so.

Populations of elderly are increasing due to better quality health care in general and all of those people need care. Radiology is a huge part of their treatment and health maintenance, so a radiology technician can look forward to truly stellar job security. He can expect to make very good money as well, since the average technician brings in around $50,000 a year on average.
Best of all, it’s possible to become a radiographic technician with only an associate’s degree earned through an accredited radiology technology program. This means your education will be manageable in the affordability department, as well as fast, so you’ll be working in an exciting new field in no time.

Signing Up for an Online Radiology Technology Program
Although the most common type of radiology technology program is still going to be offered through a traditional brick and mortar school, it will certainly be possible complete a lot of your classroom hours online if you so desire. Taking classes online can make it easier to keep your existing job or juggle other responsibilities, so it’s definitely a popular option for many. You just need to make sure that you choose a radiology technology program that’s accredited so that you wind up with all the same benefits.
Earning an associate’s degree in radiology technology will require two years of study time. Courses you may be able to take online will include patient care basics, pathology, instrumentation, and physics. You can also earn credits toward a bachelor’s degree in radiology online. Course you can expect to take as part of an online radiology technology program for a bachelor’s degree will include health physics, pathophysiology, and interventional procedure.

The Role of Hands-On Training
Even if you are able to complete all or most of your training online via a flexible schedule of your choice, it’s important to note that in order to ultimately earn your license and go to work as a radiologic technician, you will need to do a clinical rotation in order to acquire hands-on experience. It’s during your clinical rotation that you truly learn how to apply the rest of your technical knowledge to patient care and the actual practice of radiology.

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